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Informal Sword and Buckler Classes

As mentioned during the meeting, I'd like to put together an informal sword and buckler study group that meets (generally) outside of normal class times. This will be open to all members, though the amount of club gear that we have for this is very limited. Since I have a fair amount of free time, I am open to suggestions on when people are available and want to work through this, though to maintain that openness, classes will be held at my house in Livonia. If different groups of people have different availability, that's also not a problem. Let me know if you are interested and when. 

In terms of equipment, you'll mostly just need a single-handed sword (arming sword or at least a Messer) and a buckler. We have a small amount of extras of each. You will need a mask for open play, but not for drilling due to the nature of the plays.