Adam Franti

Adam Franti

Class: Fechtschule in Context and Practice
Level: Intermediate

Instructor Bio

Adam is a member of the Meyer Freifechter Guild and a Free-Scholar of the Historical Fencing Association. He has been fencing, in some form or another, since 2005, and has been active in HEMA tournaments since 2015. He now runs the Lansing Longsword Guild.

Class Description

Fechtschule fencing was immensely popular in the mid 16th century, and was the basis for many of Meyer’s stucke. Involving complex bladework and dynamic distance manipulation, the idea behind the limited fechtschule ruleset was to display skill and bravery in a non-lethal competition and to impress spectators. Fights would go “to the bloom” or until one fencer was struck a bleeding wound on the head.
This class will demonstrate and contextualize the fechtschule culture of Early Modern Germany, with the aim of providing students with pedagogical concepts that can be applied universally to other weapons and martial traditions.


A longsword, mask, and gloves suitable for steel sparring are required (some will be available to lend). Lacrosse gloves are not suitable.