George Carr

George Carr

Class: Bartitsu Cane
Level: Intro

Instructor Bio

George Carr of Defiance Bartitsu began studying martial arts in 1972 with Judo, spending over 30 years and eventually earning a 6th degree black belt. In 2000 while serving with the United States Coast Guard he heard some of his British counterparts talking about Bartitsu and has never looked back.
George is Lead Instructor at Defiance Bartitsu in Defiance, Ohio. He is also a student in Native American Warrior Arts and Antrim Bata Irish Stick Fighting with Danny Hoskins.

Class Description

In past Spar-BQs we have reviewed basic Vigny La Canne/ Bartitsu cane. In this class we will look at intermediate cane/stick, especially two hand applications.


If you have a cane,walking stick, umbrella or singlestick blade bring it along. I will have some loaner gear available.