Keith Stratton

Keith Stratton

Class: Training Lanes
Level: Intro

Instructor Bio

Keith Stratton has been practicing HEMA since 2014, beginning with the NJ-HFA and continuing with the Lansing Longsword Guild. His experience is primarily in Meyer’s system, with some experience in single stick and assorted ‘common’ grappling.

Class Description

This class will be a loosely structured series of scenarios, running concurrently. Each lane establishes a sparring match in a historical context, with asymmetrical equipment, objectives, and number of fighters. The goal of the class is to place HEMA within a ‘real world’ context, often messier than a tournament bout, and incorporate group debriefing, discussion, and coaching. Attendees can move between lanes throughout the class.

There is no experience level required. This event is open to all attendees, regardless of background or skill level.


Any weapon simulators of the participant’s choice is encouraged. Some weapons (spear, daggers, and dussacks) will be provided, but choice will be limited. If you have ‘weird’ weapons that you never get to use (war clubs, polearms, montantes, etc), please bring them. Protective gear requirements will vary from scenario to scenario, but for full participation, it is recommended that a complete tournament kit be on hand. Some protective gear will be available if participants do not have their own.