Kevin Umstead

Kevin Umstead

Class: Meÿer’s Rappier
Level: Intro

Instructor Bio

Kevin began his martial arts training in Tae Kwon Do when he was a child and continued well into his teens and college. He’s always had a passion for martial arts and Swordsmanship. He studied HEMA on his own until he branched out and founded the Toledo Historical Swordsmanship Society in 2015. He is passionate about the works of Joachim Meyer, specifically his Rappier system.

Class Description

Come learn the basics of Joachim Meyer’s Rappier system. In this class we will take a look at a general overview of the system, including footwork and postures. We will then take each of the different postures and show a few examples of how you should fight from them.


Rapier / Sidesword if you have one, any single handed sword will work in a pinch. Otherwise a sword simulator (dowel rod) will be provided (Quantities are limited).
This will be a low intensity class, minimal to no equipment will be required.