Matt Haynes

Matt Haynes

Class: Montante
Level: Intro

Instructor Bio

A lifelong student of history and martial arts, Matt started learning Tae Kwon Do and self-defense from his father at an early age. During college years at Bowling Green State University he studied Karate and Kendo before joining The Toledo Historical Swordsmanship Society. A relative newcomer to HEMA he focuses on the Montante / Spadone and all manner of great swords.

Class Description

By the end of the 15th century the two-handed sword had become an extremely versatile weapon. A fearsome infantry weapon excelling at breaking up pike formations or honor guards defending standards, it was used in tournaments, on the field and in civilian self-defense.

In Matt’s class we will take a look at the works of Francesco Alfieri which provide a missing link between medieval and modern martial arts. The class will briefly tackle a general overview of the great sword and some of its historical uses before running through some of the basic plays and drills. This includes safety and sparring techniques.


Any 6’ staff or pole. A longword will work for the basics. Otherwise a great sword simulator (dowel rod or broom stick) will work just fine. Standard protection gear (mask, coat, gloves) are recommended but not required.

This will be a low to medium intensity class.