Phil Swift

Phil Swift

Class: Destreza Rapier
Level: Intro

Instructor Bio

My name is Phil Swift. I’m a new instructor who will be starting a HEMA club at Lansing Community College. I’m one of the first members of the Lansing Longsword Guild. I’ve been strictly a Destreza practitioner since I joined the SCA one year ago. I’m a student of Master Kai (Jim Lai) who is also a Destreza practitioner within the SCA for over 7 years.

The version of Destreza that I’ve been studying comes from a mixture of two authors who have translated original Spanish manuals to English.

Puck Curtis – who studies early Destreza manuals written by Luis Pacheco de Narvaez (1600)

Sebastien Romagnan – who studies later Destreza manuals written by Francisco Lórenz de Rada (1695)

Class Description

This will be an introductory class to a later La Verdadera Destreza style inspired by Francisco Lórenz de Rada (1695) “Nobleza de la espada”.

We will be covering,

The advantage of the Right Angle Stance
Spanish footwork
The Atajo
General of Line in the Cross
General of Weak under Strong
Quarter Circle Thrust from Atajo 1


A Rapier
Fencing Mask