Terry Gruber

Terry Gruber

Class: 18th Century Smallsword
Level: Intro

Instructor Bio

Terry Gruber started fencing in 1975, and is one of the founders of the Ann Arbor Sword Club and for many years trained seriously for competitive modern fencing. During this time, he and members of the club dabbled in improvisational theatrical/historical fencing.
For the past 15 years, He’s been doing more historical fencing. As time has progressed, He found himself gaining greater appreciation and satisfaction with period fencing. Now, modern fencing has become just a casual sideline for him but he’s able to leverage much of this experience as he furthers his historical fencing studies.

Class Description

The Smallsword is rarely included in the study of HEMA. While many of its techniques are predecessors to and recognizable in modern sport fencing, its historical application is different and it was a very deadly weapon in the duel or self defense. He plans to present context, weapon descriptions, technique basics and how Smallsword differs from the current modern sport.

This is appropriate for beginners or experienced fencers who are not familiar with Smallsword.


Smallsword, French or Italian grip foil to perform the techniques. Fencing mask, pair of gloves and jacket for those who wish to take it a bit further.

A limited supply of weapons and protective gear will be available for those without their own.