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I'd have to see them. It would depend on the shape and length of the blade, plus what you can do on the hilt. Swords isn;t so much the limiter as bucklers.

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Sword and Buckler Class, session II

<p>As long as the weather cooperates, it looks like I have availability for more sword and buckler work this week Thursday. If you don't have your own equipment, there is a very limited amount of stuff from the school's armory available. We more than likely have more single-handed swords than bucklers right now. If you have Amazon Prime and feel like getting your own buckler, they have two that are inexpensive that will fit the bill, if at least temporarily:</p>
<p>Cold Steel Buckler ($21.59) –</p>
<p>GDFB Plain Steel Buckler, 9" ($32.20) –</p>
<p>The CS Buckler is ABS plastic, so it can get chewed up during use. The GDFB is heavy but a tank – this is the same one that Dave is using currently. There are other options if you're not looking to get one for this Thursday or don't have Amazon Prime. These are just the ones that I see that can get here by Thursday evening. </p>
<p>Assuming that there isn't a bunch of rain on Thursday, we'll start at 6:30pm.</p>

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<p>We have some chinesium "pirate" swords leftover from the wedding. Worth bringing just to see if they'll work for drilling?</p>