Join Today – Learn HEMA/Longsword Fencing in Detroit MI

Love swords? Looking for a new challenge? You’ve come to the right place to learn HEMA/Longsword Fencing in Detroit, MI!

We now have TWO ways to start your training at Ars Gladii:


Our Quick-Start gets students directly into our beginner-friendly longsword classes (Tuesday or Sunday). After four weeks, Quick Start students roll into our standard class plan. No experience is required. This plan includes a standard fencing mask. Quick-Start costs $149.

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The Intro Class:

Curious about what HEMA is or just wanting a sword experience? Try our Into Course! Students will learn the basics of the longsword, including basic strikes, defenses, and footwork. This class culminates in a sparring and test cutting day using padded swords and our cutting trainers. Intro Courses are offered several times throughout the year. Each Intro Course includes a standard fencing mask. Intro Courses run $149.

See below for the available Intro Classes.

Ars Gladii does require all members to be 18 years of age or older.

Gift Certificates??

Gift Certificates? Yeah, we’ve got those!

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