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Just like the Supreme Court, FIGHT NIGHT RULES! And because it does, here are the rules of FIGHT NIGHT. 

All members with floor fees current are eligible to participate in FIGHT NIGHT, regardless of how long they have been members. All participants are assigned a colored band that they will wear on their off-side arm for the duration of the night. The band color represents the level and range of techniques they are allowed to perform during the event. If two participants of different band levels work together, they do so at the LOWER level of the two – both sides must conform with all requirements for that band level. 

Band Levels

White Band – Those members who have recently joined from the Intro class or who have not completed the Intro to Liechtenauer material are only eligible to wear the White Band. White Band members must wear at least a fencing mask and must have all skin covered. Gloves such as the D3O CrudeHands or similar are highly recommended. White Band members can use either synthetic swords, aluminum swords, or steel. White Band members can also participate in Dagger play or Ringen, but both require a mat. 

White Band participants CANNOT take part in free-play. White Band participants will choose one or more specific techniques or concepts to work on with their partner from those that they have learned in class. BOTH sides are partners in practicing and enforcing the drill. Specific outcomes and roles should be determined and these elements stuck to. Failure to do so repeatedly or unsafe conduct will result in a downgrade of Band and/or removal of FIGHT NIGHT privileges. 

Green Band – Those members who have more than one year in and/or have successfully gone through the Intro to Liechtenauer material are eligible to fight at Green Band level. Green Band fighters must wear a fencing mask, gorget or sufficient tall collar (SPES jacket or similar), gloves, and a cut and thrust resistant jacket or chest covering (padded to personal risk tolerance). Green Bands should fight with steel weapons if possible. This rank can fence with any weapon they can perform martially valid and correct technique with. Dagger free-play can be performed without mats, but Ringen still requires a mat. 

Red Band – Those members who have shown strong dedication to martial practice and safety can achieve the Red Band. The largest difference between Red and Green Band is that Red Band members have the option to perform slower open play without equipment such as masks. Any unsafe conduct or lack of control will result in the loss of the Red Band.

REMEMBER – Fencing always occurs at the lower Band Level requirements of the two participants. 


We will be using a version of the Berlin Buckler Bouts / Twerchhau method for running an open play session. Participants will pair up with agreed upon weapons, salute, and proceed to play a short number of passes against each other, conforming to the level of the lower of the two Band Levels. Once complete, the participants will salute again. If either wish to continue bouting, they should raise their hand into to air, holding aloft the weapon they wish to play. Another participant that is also looking for a partner and wants to fence with that weapon should acknowledge them with a nod and/or point and the two should find an open space on the floor and repeat the exercise. Those who wish to take a break should find a seat in the waiting area beyond the metal strip. Fencing is not allowed in this area during FIGHT NIGHT.